Wooden Molding Frames

We offer an extensive range of wood, steel, aluminum, and gilded frames. For museums, exhibitions and galleries we provide you with a complete service according to predetermined assembly plans, and delivery "just-in-time!" with binding estimates.

EGA-Rahmen offers you a wide range of attractively priced molding frames. In addition, on request we produce profiles to your specifications. This allows historical replicas or your own design.

Wooden Molding Frames

Standard Molding Frames
Wooden Molding Frames
Box Frames
Wooden Molding Frames

Wooden Molding Frames
Easy Assemble Framing
Wooden Molding Frames

Special Frames

Special requests or historical replicas can be manufactured according to drawings or presentation of the original frame.

Wooden Molding Frames
Wooden Molding Frames Wooden Molding Frames Wooden Molding Frames

Surface Treatment

A suitable surface treatment increases the value of the frame or gives a new effect. Through white glaze the grain will be taken back and will get a floating effect. Waxes or oils emphasizes the grain and color of the wood. Pickling in connection with matt varnish can lead to an interesting translucent effect.

Paint according to color card RAL or PANTONE will be made in any desired color and gloss.

Wooden Molding Frames

Wooden Frame Information

Different types of wood produce subtle differences in the interplay of color, pores, grain and the artwork.

Here are a few examples:

Maple: a light wood with small pores and fine grain pattern is perfect for graphics, drawings and watercolors and is often used with white glaze.
Hornbeam: a bright and finely marbled wood, for graphics and photographs with a pronounced texture.
Alder: a pale pink subtle warm tone for drawings and watercolors.
Oak: a warm earth tone for many applications, elegant, with a subtle polish.
Ash: a bright dynamic grained wood for expressive gouache and painting studies.
Walnut: a warm brown with light mauve character, especially with the USA Walnut.
Cherry: a light warm brown to reddish for many applications.
Wenge: a brown-black color with naturally glossy matt surface of high quality, with a slight oiling it looks even more exclusive. Well suited for graphics or photographs.
Mahagony: a reddish powerful tone; sets strong accents.